Thursday, March 29, 2012

So, My Dog Got Lipo

I write this blog post at the risk of sounding like a crazy lady.
A crazy dog lady.
A crazy dog lady who gets her dog surgery.

And, all of that is pretty much true.
Self admitted crazy dog lady here.
But I try and keep it MOSTLY under wraps around these parts.

You are probably thinking, uh, KIM, or CuppaKim (as you may refer to me) - your crazy dog ownership is NOT under wraps.
Ohhh, but dear reader, I have only shown a glimpse of the crazy.

So right, back to reality.
Crazy dog surgery reality.

I take it back, there is no risk of sounding crazy in this post, it's gonna happen.

A year ago I discovered a little lump on Mylie.
We took her to the vet, just to see what they thought it was, and discovered that she had not one, but two lumps.
Both came back as just non-cancerous fatty tumors called Lipomas.
Nothing to worry about.
(Even if they were cancerous, we weren't going to do any removals or treatment).

Except, they started growing at a rate that was a little too fast for a 6 year old pup.
She is only 19lbs.
So a golf ball sized lump on her arm joint, developed in less than a year probably isn't good.
Neither is location of the other lump.

I think Fergie had a song about that...

The vet recommended that we take them out now, while she was young, so that they wouldn't become a bigger problem while she was still young.

Anyway, yesterday, Miss Mylie went under the knife, and came home lump free.
(I feel like I need to say this, it was way less expensive than I thought it would be, and it included teeth cleaning too, hallelujah)
She has to wear the cone of shame for 2 full weeks.
And no running, jumping, playing, or general fun having for two weeks as well.

She isn't exactly loving it.
Last night, was a sad night.
A lot of doggy crying.

But she got a lot of extra attention, from my dad...

And my sister too...

I spent the night, right there next to her.
She did great.

And today, she is feeling much better.
She started off the day like this, waiting for my dad to come upstairs and visit her...

She stayed like that for 20 minutes.

And this afternoon did everything in her power to have an excuse to get up from her bed.

She keeps trying to jump up on the furniture, which wouldn't be so terrible, except that she might rip out her stitches jumping back off.

As the hours go by, it's getting harder and harder to keep her on that pile of blankets.
You try telling a playful pup she has to stay laying down for fourteen days.

So, I feel terrible, and right now, she is getting a special treat, getting to sit next to me on the sofa.
Where I can grab her cone before she takes any crazy leaps.

Meanwhile, her partner in crime, Chloe, isn't really sure what to do with herself.
She is keeping watch over things while Mylie is off duty...

And finally ended her two day hunger strike (in support of Mylie's trauma)....

So, excuse my crazy Instagramming.
Blog posting.
All dog related right now.
I promise I will do my best to restrain myself and limit the crazy again soon.
Post April 11. 
Suture removal day.


  1. bless her! glad she has such a cute, loving mama.
    hope suture day comes swiftly!


  2. 1. Are you and Mylie staying at your parents for 14 days?
    2. Love the Fergie reference.
    3. At least you didn't get lipo on your cat.
    4. Love that they threw in the dental exam.
    5. Bye for now.

  3. I'll take crazy dog lady over crazy cat lady any day. It's almost exactly like when my 3 year old broke his leg and he was supposed to sit still for 2 weeks, um...not happening. Also, his cast didn't include a teeth cleaning so I guess you one upped me.

  4. Ah, poor girl! That surgery wound looks awful! I'm sure somehow she knows it's for the best.

  5. You don't sound that crazy to me. I'm glad your baby is doing well!

  6. Super dying at this title. Like can't stop laughing. At your lumpy dog's expense. Sorry. And I already know you're crazy. But in all seriousness, the Johnson girls are very happy that she is recovering well. Ashy is very concerned about her "hat owie."

  7. She is so cute! I am glad the surgery went well and bonus on the teeth cleaning! We have to do that with Homie, soon. And if you are a crazy dog lady, then I am obsessed crazy dog lady! :)

  8. Poor Mylie!!! Hope she feels better soon.
    And, I was playing Jess in draw something last week & my word was mylie (as in mylie cyrus) but i drew your dog instead :)

  9. Holy scar! But it's all worth it for long-term vanity, right? Glad she is okay and will be less lumpy.

  10. This only could be made funny and entertaining by you Kim. You have a I would love to hang out with you for a day. :) Seriously, this has got be hard keeping her down and stuff. Can't imagine trying to keep my Neely down for that long. Glad she is doing good though.

  11. Haha!! Cone of shame!! Your poor little pup! Looks like she will be back to herself in no time, though! Cute little thing. :)