Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Needtobreathe - The Fillmore - San Francisco - March 19, 2012

Have you heard of Needtobreathe?
I really want to tell you about them.
But they are getting big.
And getting big fast.
Too fast.

I want to put them in a little bottle (you know, I Dream of Jeanie style) and keep them to myself.

A year ago, a group of us saw them at the Fillmore.
It was THE best concert I have ever gone to. EVER.
But they only sold about 300-400 tickets.

A little over a year later, after a tour with Taylor Swift (don't let this bias you), and with a new album out, they sold out the Fillmore.

Cindy graciously coordinated, ordered, and picked up our tickets.

A quick dinner at Panera.
A drive through rush hour traffic.

And we arrived.

And, this part of the story makes me SO insanely JEALOUS - Laura, Angela, and Ashley were behind on our walk from the car, and I was freezing, and had to pee, so Ellen, Cindy and I were hustling....and next thing we knew, they were no longer behind us....

Because they saw Bo walking down the street and chased him down for a photo.

I may have had a quiet temper tantrum in my head while we waited to get inside.
Because I was still cold. Still had to pee. And didn't get to meet Bo.
But the good news is, I had my big girl pants on, and got over it.
I was really just so excited for them.

Opening act, Ben Rector.
Next time he comes to town I want to see him in concert.

Sorry Robert Francis, but this guy smoked your opening act dust.

The set was incredible.
A giant typewriter, with keys that lit up the name of their newest album, The Reckoning.
It was even more awesome than it sounds.

This was our fourth Needtobreathe show, and by far, the loudest, and most rocking show to date.
The Fillmore was bouncing harder than a bounce house at a 5 year old birthday.
You had no choice except to bounce with it.
Otherwise, you'd fall over.
It was kind of freaky.
And totally awesome.

And, after all, it's the Fillmore. Lined with giant crystal chandeliers.

(Hit play for a few quick snippets from my perspective of the show! It's a playlist, let it play through!)

Each of their shows has ended with the most insane unplugged encore. It really is where these guys shine.

After a few hours of incredible talent, vocals, lyrics, you name it - these guys put on a SHOW, we grabbed our traditional Fillmore treat, a red apple, and our first Fillmore treasure - a poster (only given out when shows sell out) - we headed home, with the biggest smiles in all of San Francisco.


  1. You already knew I was jeal of you going to the concert. I've loved them for years!!

    Also jeal of the dog shirt of which I cannot wear for quite some time.

    Sorry you didn't get to meet the dude. One time in 2008 before Matt nathanson was big, I saw him in concert and met him afterwards. I was so star struck, I literally said, "your music makes my knees shake." Omgosh I cringe just thinking about that moment. How embarrassing.

  2. kim! you make it to the greatest shows!
    and i am LOVING your pics. #fancy
    makes me happy to see y'all so smiley.
    hooray for friends!


  3. I have never heard of these guys. They sound great though. Glad you had a good time! :)

  4. Um, I LURVE NTB! I met them all and was in the "Girl Named Tennessee" video along with a bunch of friends of mine. They filmed in a little town outside of Charlotte (when I lived there). Sadly, you can only see my hair and various body parts in the final cut of the video. (though in earlier cuts, I had clear head But even if I didn't make the cut, I still got to rock out with them for about 6 hours while we shot the video. Lots of talking and up close time with Bear and Bo. ;)

    1. NOOOOO FREAKING WAY. You are basically super famous to me right now.
      I don't think I've seen a music video in 5 years. I think I need to fix that ASAP. Girl Named Tennessee is like my favvvvvv song they play at the show. And to blast on a hot summer day. :)
      SO JEALOUS of you!

  5. i love me some needtobreathe and a blog about them is quite fantastic!

    one of my fave concerts to date...even better than U2 (shhhh don't tell dave!).

    until the next night of amazing!

  6. So fun. I love the Filmore. Sorry you didnt get to meet Bo. Boo.
    i had 2 other sets of friends at the instagram feed that night was blowing up with concert pics, i was jealous!

  7. INSANELY jealous! They are hands down my most favorite band of adulthood. I don;t think they have made a single song that I don't like. UGH. NEEDTOSEE!!!