Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Not So Hungry Hunger Games Weekend

I knew the weekend would start out awesome, when Jessica and I boarded our flight to the LBC, and as we were about to take off, my seat neighbor had a sneeze fit. I could tell Mr Sniffle needed a tissue. But was hesitant to offer.

A few more sneezes, and the seatbelt sign still lit,  I could tell, he was desperate.

So, I reluctantly offered him a tissue.

The only thing is, it wasn't just any tissue.
It was one from a pack of Snoop Dogg tissues.
Yes, you read that right.
In fact, it had the words "Fo Sniffle" printed on it.
(A gift from Betsy.)

I do not lie.

The amazingly amazing Erin Burns picked Jessica and I up in Snoop's hometown, the LBC and took us back to Casa de Burns where our Hunger Games began.

And by Hunger Games, I mean, NOT GOING HUNGRY AT ALL.

SusieCakes and little Sofias awaited.

In the morning, we did a little Real Housewives of Orange County stalking (unsuccessfully), and then headed off to breakfast at the Beachcomber in Crystal Cove.
A little gem off the beaten path, with a whole lot of history, and beach front property full of old timey bungalows and a fantastic retro feel.

What Erin failed to mention was getting there was going to be an adventure.
I had NOT packed my Northface.
Or hiking boots.
And we may have gotten lost at one point.
I offered to pull up google maps on the iPhone.
That's the kinda ish bloggers say.

Walking through this tunnel was cute, and you know, the kind of thing that makes you want to run out and buy pepper spray, and also, slippery.

Water was streaming through, and at the very end, a 6 foot wide, 6 inch deep puddle that required conquering, via one very unstable rock.

We celebrated survival.

Erin showed us some more Orange County sights, and we grabbed a quick lunch with Julie and her ridiculously dreamy eyed little boy.

A quick regrouping in the afternoon, outfit changes, and freshening up, and it was time to let the games begin!

OC Parking Lot Sky Party

Erin had coordinated a cute gift exchange - each of us assigned a district (Hello from District 2: Mining) - and we were to bring a gift to dinner.

My gift to the games, I kinda wanted to steal and keep for myself...and got from here!

I ended up with goodies from District 4 - Fishing - I know right? But Amy was super creative - I got an amazing coconut candle (to cover up stinky fish), and a few other fishy treats!

After dinner, while in line, Alissa and I chowed on some Sprinkles cupcakes.
Black and White is my standard go-to.
All others are impostors.

Photo Cred: Alissa
Then, we did what we came there to do.
You know, watch a movie.

Photo Cred: Erin
L to R: Erin's Mama Susan, Me, Julie D, Drew, Julie C, Amy
Alissa, Erin, Jessica

Fastest two hours and twenty two minutes, EVER.
I wish there was so much more.
But I can't complain.

My favorite part? When the tributes enter the capitol on the chariots, and Katniss and Peeta are on fire.
I had been DYING to see that realized on the big screen.
And it was as spectacular as I had imagined it.
My favorite scene for sure.
Kinda reminded me of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies.
Not a coincidence that it was my fav.

Also, Hunger Games Weekend is NOT good for my geriatric habits, and a nearly 2am bedtime was the norm.
The next morning, we woke up, and guess what, ate some more.
First, cookies in bed.

Then, bagels.

After burning those off by cruising the PCH (in a car) and walking onto the beach, watching a surf competition, and then walking back to the car (see that, super athletic), we dropped off the kids and headed to lunch at the Cannery.

And by had lunch, I mean, had lunch AND dessert.
I mean, bruleed bananas?
We had to.

Erin got us back to the LBC in the nick of time.
Not my comfortable 2 hour before the flight window, but after an amazing weekend I was blissfully unaware of how close we were cutting it, until we pulled into LGB and we had 30 minutes til our flight left, and still needed to check bags.
But we made it.
LGB was chaotic, but tiny.

Also, JetBlue's New York Jets plane was in town.
I thought we were taking it, but sadly it was Sacramento bound.

A hop skip and a jump later, we landed safely in rainy San Francisco, with full bellies and full hearts.

Home, sweet home.

A big huge, giant, thank you to Burnsie, for allowing two crazies from NorCal to show up at your home and tag along for a weekend of eating our way through the OC.
I think that this is one of the best perks of blogging - when blog friends, become IRL friends, and crazy adventures are had.


  1. Yay! So glad for y'all to be together in real life not just virtual life! Jealous of the Hunger Games partay, since here it was just the hubs and me, but the movie was for sure fun! Your pics are great, and my fave is the one of the pimped out wheelchair. I want that in forty years please. Or for Christmas. Wheelies would be great in that!

  2. What I learned from this post:

    1) I too should have been at the Hungerless games! I went to the midnight premier (actually it was 12:04)which was a giant party of crazies so I totally fit right in.

    2) It's time for Keepin Up and Cuppa to get their bizness over to TN, Graceland side!

    3) Ya'll like to bunk together in quilted twin beds with food and phones.

    4) I need the gift from your district

    5) Glad you had a great time!!

  3. Some things:

    1. Hunger games are DTM.
    2. I need the Kleenex ASAP.
    3. I love celeb stalking.
    4. You are cute in all the pics.
    5. Are you over our game?
    6. I tried sugar-free chai this morn. It's a little watery. I may not finish it.

  4. And here I thought this post was going to end in a Tim Tebow sighting.
    He's single, right?

  5. Seriously. When were you taking all these pictures?? You are suppa stealth paparazzi. And I am going to steal every one of them, because I was a suppa slacker.

    Also from these pics - you totally sold me out in the wearing o' the same shirt two days in a row!! I'm not sure this is the best way I've ever been repaid for dust ruffle awesomeness, but it comes close.

    SUCH a fun time!! I am still having a hard time being back in reality. Someone sent me an email today saying "Hunger Games is desensitizing our children to EVIL. Boycott this book/movie." Um...I'm sorry, but WHAAAAT??!! How could anyone who has actually READ the book come to this conclusion?

    Apparently they do not read blogs either. Especially mine. The odds are NOT in their favor for me to join their rebellion...seeing as I celebrate teen murder with dinner and a gift exchange! ha.

    Miss you. Promise you'll come back in November? I'll put a GPS on the RHOC's Hummer. Then you can really put your papz skillz to work!

  6. i think that telling you i'm super jealous of your fun weekend for the 90millionth time would be repetitive...
    the movie surely did not disappoint. i loved when they came out in the chariots. It was better even, than i had imagined it while reading. i also loved cinna. i've had a major crush on lenny since i was 13.

  7. what fun you had! glad yo shared your irl adventures.

    maybe i will read hunger games...maybe...probably not. but maybe i will watch it. maybe?

  8. oh my gosh. that sounds like the best weekend ever!! kinda jealous. also i am in love with your gift! you are creative :)

  9. Fun. Looks like we just missed each other. I headed home from the OC on Friday. Did you go to the coffee bean?

  10. SOOOOO fun!!! Loved the recap of your awesome weekend!!!