Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Most Beautiful Weekend Ever

This past weekend was full of sunshine and smiles.
Gorgeous blue skies.
Seventy degree afternoons.

Winter seems to have forgotten to stop by the Bay Area,
which most days makes me upset.
In the words of the 90's band Garbage, I'm only happy when it rains.

I, however, am not only happy when it's complicated.
Complicated things make me very unhappy.

But anyway, back to the weekend.
I took Friday off to spend the day with my sister for her birthday!

We drove into The City.

Headed over to the ferry building.
Definitely one of my favorite places.
For sure my sister's favorite.
And it was her day.

She got Blue Bottle.
I got a waffle.
Not exactly a "le waf" - but still delicious.
I am lenting coffee.
I'm gonna need a trip back to Blue Bottle sometime after April 9th.

We climbed the stairs to coit tower.
Crazy gorgeous views.

Walked down the other side into North Beach.
There were so many cute shops we just happened upon.
Including this little market.
Bicycle coffee?
Yep, I'll be back.
Post April 9th.

Somebody stayed over Friday night.
At 3am, I rolled over opened my eyes to find her staring directly at me.
Nose to nose.
She sleeps like a log.
So that was like, totally creepy.

Since my mom had to work on Friday, I took her out to lunch on the coast on Saturday.
Another crazy beautiful gorgeous day.

We had fun walking along the beach.
We hunted for seashells, and I taught her to hunt for sea glass.
She found the biggest piece for me! 

Afterward, mom treated me to a McDonalds vanilla cone (fun fact: they do not have any dairy in them, instead I believe they switch out any milk products for crack.) and herself to a Shamrock Shake.

Sunday afternoon, back to the parentals so my sister could open some {amazing} gifts,
and this little cutie was wiped after my grandma threw the ball for her for an hour straight.
But she made sure to keep her cute little squirrel right under her paw in case she needed it at a moment's notice.

That is about it. 
A bunch of random, and a whole lot of happy.


  1. a whole lot of happy indeed!
    i want to go to blue bottle, too!

    happy wednesday, sweetie face!

  2. Yay for celebrating!! It was my moms 50th this weekend and we treated her great! Nothing compares to a weekend of family :)

  3. I am jealous of your whole day. Mostly the ice cream cone.

  4. Frisco really is the best city in the world. :)

  5. SO FUN! i wish i was a grover so i could go on all these fun outings!

  6. I love the photo of the pier and the beach! I can practically feel the fresh air on my face just looking at those!

  7. Awesome weekend!
    i love that you've recruited another sea glass hunter.
    Here's to another awesome weekend!


  8. Confession... I don't love cities. But you sort of make me think that maybe I could at least like SF. The waffles and all sort of seals the deal.
    Who lents coffee? Not Jesus. No. NOT coffee.