Monday, March 5, 2012

Garlic and Brown Sugar, say what?

Brown Sugar.
Olive Oil.
Chicken Breasts.

Do you have ANY of this in your kitchen? I was 3 for 4.
So on Saturday I picked up two chicken breasts so I could make this...

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

Mondays are gym days.
Typically, I get home from work, make a quick dinner - and by make, I mean heat, and rush out the door before 6ish to earn the sexy.

Tonight, I took on a new challenge. Cook a real, legit dinner and get out the door by 6:30.

I threw the garlic and oil in a pan, and things started simmering and smelling SO good.
I mean, who doesn't love garlic!?

They started browning up and getting caramelized.
Oh, so so yummy already.
And THEN the recipe told me to throw in some brown sugar.
That isn't gonna be a problem.

I stirred it all together into a garlicky, sugary crumble.
Spread it over the chicken breasts (which I had sliced in half to make four servings).
Popped it in the oven, and baked for about 15-17 minutes.

I changed into my gym clothes, heated up a baked sweet potato, poured a glass of water, and next thing I knew, dinner was ready.

It was baked, and cooked, and in my belly by 5:59pm.
This is a recipe I can get behind.

Also, are you wondering why I eat dinner in the 5 o'clock hour?
It's the granny in me.
She is trying to get out.
Geriatric dinner time.
Geriatric bed time.
Exceptional amount of cardigans.
When people tell me to act my age, it isn't necessarily because I'm being immature. 

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  1. The headline made my mouth water straight away, I love sweet, garlicky concoctions! And I also often eat dinner at around 5, because that is when I return home from work, usually feeling famished!

  2. "so i could earn the sexy." hilar.
    that looks super tasty! i will have to try it for sure.

  3. That looks so good! I even think all my kids would like it!

  4. I just clicked on the picture to repin it and saw you pinned it from me! HAHAHA! I'm such a dork!

  5. so excited to try this!!! i love me some easy-made chicken!!

  6. That geriatric chicken looks YUM. I can already tell this will be Johnson approved. Well. The older Johnsons. Thanks for linking up!!

  7. This looks amazing! I can't wait to try!! :)

  8. I am going to try this soon! Looks yummy.... and I love the geriatric bedtime and too many cardigans. :) That could be me too...

  9. this looks delish! thanks for the recipe...totally making this for dinner this week:)

    i'm a gran too. so glad us golden girls found each other:)

  10. Replies
      Here is the original recipe!