Thursday, December 15, 2011

InstaFriday: SkyParties and More (Plus the big winner!)

Kicked off the weekend going to see my girl Camilla in Scrooge. 
First best part was seeing her back stage
Second best part was hanging out by the giant poinsettia tree.
Third best part, taking a pic with Marley. #creepy

This time the sisters brought their moms.

What is a #skyparty you ask?
Well, back when InstaGram first started, some nights the sky would be,
 for lack of a better word, 
I'd snap a quick pick and upload ASAP.
By the time my pic would load, I'd notice all my friends were doing the same thing.
At the same moment.
The sky was having a party.
We were having a party.
#skyparty was born.
Join in, anytime. 
Hashtag it up. 
This week was a doozy.

Somebody adorable got a haircut.
She needed it.
It makes her look like she lost about 10lbs.
If only haircuts did that for the rest of us.

Thursday night was Future of Forestry's Christmas Concert.
Fifth year they have done it.
Fourth year in a row I have been able to go.
Their rendition of Little Drummer boy left me in total awe four years ago.
And every year since, it is the highlight of the show.
These are skilled musicians, singing a song of old,
about a humble little boy, who all he could bring as a gift to the King of Kings
was his song, on his meager drum. 
At FoF's Christmas Concert, these talented men (and women) give their very best offering
as they each pick up a set of drumsticks and worship.

And so much other miscellany throughout the week.

I had a superfun giveaway this week.
And posted pictures and a few stories from my time in Barcelona.
Are you ready for the big winner?
I entered the numbers 1-6 into Random Number Generator
(skipping 4 and 7 - cause they were just comments)
And the winner is.....

Congrats Linda - I'll email you ASAP with the 411!!!

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  1. KIM!

    I love your furpup's new haircut! So cute! Also, I'm kinda jealous at your ability to take iphone photos of people. I have some sort of people phobia with my cameras and I usually just have pictures of things or animals. I hope to have more humans in my shot next week. :)

  2. Oh yes, that scrooge looks creepy. How fun though-
    Love your #skyparty idea!! I'll join you next time. :))

  3. How fun!! Tonight is opening night for my little man--Tiny Tim and my daughter is the merchant girl--can't wait to see it all pulled together! I love all your pictures--you captured a ton!!I'm inspired to remember to snap away more often!

  4. so fun. and loving the skyparty business.
    Scrooge looks fun! any adaptation of christmas carol is my fave.
    your coat is super cute, haven't worn one lately as we are having warmer weather. so weird. hoping for snow on christmas!

  5. So glad you explained #skyparty.
    I had wondered, but didn't want to ask.
    I thought it might prove even further my need
    for instahelp.

    Love that coat!


  6. Yippee!! I'm a winner! :)

    Love all the joy in your collages. :)