Saturday, December 10, 2011

10 on 10 December: A Very Merry San Francisco

10 pictures over 10 hours.
I got way more than 10.
But the last few cut out before the 10th hour.
So, work with me.

Started out the day with some Nespresso - and some steamed eggnog.

I don't think I've straightened my hair in a couple weeks. Time to crank that sucker up, there is a fun day ahead, full of photo ops.

Picked up my sister. Then my mom. Then Ellen, Cindy and their mama Martha. We were taking our moms on a lunch date in the city.

Along my favorite route, to my favorite parking lot (yes, I have a favorite parking lot) is this awesome sign. I want a picture of it every time we go. But I'm always driving. Or don't have my camera. Or it's dark out.
Thanks Cinders for co-piloting and co-photoging.

Rumors were flying that SantaCon would be descending on Union Square at 12:30. We hung out for a bit as a few Santas straggled around. Sadly we had the location wrong. But, we got to see the giant tree in Union Square, the tiny ice rink, the wreaths in the Macy's windows, and join the holiday fun.

We took the mama's to lunch. The Oak Room at the Westin St. Francis. Let's put it this way, the Yelp reviews are 100% correct. And our lunch was comped.

After lunch we headed out the revolving doors into the City, where SantaCon had arrived, and was starting to really get rolling. Santas were crossing everywhere.

Our goal was to find the puppies in the Macy's window display. Puppies is a lie. There was one puppy. But he was cute enough to make up for the lack of plurality.  Snickers. And obviously, he was adopted in a snap! Cutie!

We made our way into Macy's and did a little more shopping. Finally meeting up at Holiday Lane, where we got on the "big screen" for "mailing our letters to Santa". But really, the only one mailing the letter was the cute cartoon boy who is trying to photobomb us.

And before we headed home, we strolled through the revolving doors of Neiman Marcus and under their gorgeous rotunda and ginormous Christmas tree.

Totally a fun, and completely exhausting day with friends who I have been making memories with for a lifetime!

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  1. What a fun day!! I love that you took your mamas on a date!

    Were any of the Santas hot? :0)

  2. seriously. i'm ready to sleep for days after that extravaganza of a day!

    thanks for driving and thanks for photo documenting.

    is it bed time yet?

  3. Holiday shopping on a weekend - glad you survived. What a sweet little puppy.

  4. That puppy is adorable. What a fun day you had! I can see why you like that parking lot.

  5. The reflection in the ornament is awesome Kim! Great shot!

  6. Cute Ten on Ten! I am a new follower. Come check out my blog and follow me too!

  7. your 10 on the 10 pix are GREAT! seriously, nice shots. looks like a fun filled, memorable day.

  8. So many pretty colors! I love the Christmas tree (and red ornament) photo!

  9. i am super jeal. did you see the protesters? they marched through union square when we were there.

  10. Looks like a fabulous day! Neiman Marcus' tree is A-MAZ-ING!

  11. They always have a zillion cats on those dang windows - boo!