Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve: A Snapshot

For Christmas this year, my parents gave me a fun new 35mm lens for my camera...
Which is awesome, since I dropped my camera with my 18-55mm lens about a week before, and it won't stay attached to the camera body any longer. (Major BOO, HISS).

It is also awesome because now I can take super fun pictures like this...

(Christmas light bokeh was all I ever dreamed of...)

And please check out the depth of field, while dad is checking out the iPad...

These girls were more than happy to model for my practice shots...
which clearly I need a lot more of....working on that whole focus thing....

This sweet fluff-nugget had spent two days straight with me baking, cleaning, wrapping, and visiting with friends. After a night of opening all our presents....let me rephrase, after a night where SHE opened all our presents for us....she lumped out under the Christmas tree. I am pretty sure that was a first...

Oh yes, I do need practice, but new lens = way fun.

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  1. what kind of camera do you have? can you come teach me how to use mine. i know nada!

    your pictures are great b.t.dubs.

  2. Yay for a new lens. Your bokeh and depth of field are looking good! :) I just got a light scoop and I need to learn how to use it right.

  3. Oh how fun! What lens did you get?

  4. I love love love my 35! I hope you enjoy yours!!!

  5. we looked at your blog on the tv. awesome.

  6. i have had a 35 mm for a year and have used it once. i don't understand it.

  7. great shots! I love the first one, and the last one in the ornament is awesome too! thanks for linking up!