Monday, December 5, 2011

Deck The Halls

On Black Friday,
as a surprise to my mom,
I decked the halls of my parents house.

It isn't my favorite activity.
In fact, to me it's a chore.
But I had an assistant.
Who thinks is the happiest day of the year.
Her favorite part of "helping"
is by putting all of her babies into the Christmas tree box.
And ornament bag.
And then whining til I throw them.
Over. And Over.
And Over.

Midway through decorating I got a little inspired.
And decided to really go for it, and put up the lights outside.
The good thing is, my mom is less of an anti-perfectionist than I am.
Normally she takes icicle lights and literally just throws them on the lemon tree.
I actually busted out the hammer, and a few nails.
I'm a fan of linear lights.
A little crooked, and a little wobbly.
But still pretty linear. 

And after a long day of decorating.
And plenty of Turkey leftovers.
We were both wiped.
Good thing we both love naps.

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  1. What a wonderful daughter you are! It looks awesome.

  2. I remember one time I tried to help mom just redid most of it haha. She's so precise, she carefully puts one strand of tinsel on at a time. I remember when I finally got her to quit the tinsel. JOY.

  3. wait. i don't understand what you nailed the lights to.

  4. fancy progression with the tree pictures! Love it! xoxo

  5. aw very very cute! def loving the video!!

  6. how nice of you to deck our parents halls. hopefully my own children will grow to be so nice.:-) i am not a fan of hall decking, but i do it...for the children.

  7. How funny... I just posted a Deck the Halls, too! :) I like your sweet tree and your cute little helper! :)

  8. you are the best kid! what a fun tree!

  9. i can still picture your mom's face now when she got home from work! good daughter award granted!