Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weekendlies: Red & Gold

My computer is in the shop. It's a bit of a sensitive subject. One of these days I'll get it back and be able to blog about Christmas and such. For now a quick phone blog, of the latest weekending...

1. Lunch with these ladies, strolling on a warm January day. It was quick, but it was grand.
2. I've been trying to get on the worship team for years, this one invented an imaginary violin and boom, she's in.
3. Feeling spirited.
4. Pup tent. Bringing team spirit to a front yard near you.
5. Baby Kaep. All she needs are some Beats.
6. Monday holidays are great for sleeping in and snuggling. 
7. Mylie may be younger by 4 years but she's the protector.
8. It was a beautiful 71* day in my neighborhood.
9. Wine school. It's a thing. A really fun thing.


  1. we are bummed that red & gold won't be bringin' it on super eating sunday. thankfully, it's still the best eating day of the year. we're gonna chow down with no shame while we root for the broncos.

    and i bet you rocked that violin!

  2. Commenting 10 times now trending. Beats by HoJo now trending. And #1 was seriously #1. Let's do it again soon.