Friday, January 10, 2014

10 on 10: January 2014

I'm an addict. And my dealer just hooked me up.

1 month for today I'll be across the globe!

The wood coaster and gold handle really class up my desk.

Glad we don't have a personal item limit. 

New Mama meal delivery.

The ticket, in progress.

Leaving work right as the sky party commences is the best part of January.

Excuse me, where did the 10 year old go?

Lincoln, keeping it cas. 

A little Sonoma souvenir.

Linking up with Rebecca!
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  1. Oooh South Africa! Have fun. And I love that you brought a meal for a friend. How sweet! Your puppy is very casual. I enjoy ending my day that way, too. Great set!

  2. You're going to South Africa?!?

  3. every time i see one of your sky party pix i stop and delight in the One who made the party. thank you for causing me to stop and delight with you. SA!? wow! what an adventure.

  4. I love me some blonde willow blend (decaf). I have it all the time. Regretting that I don't have my 30% discount anymore...

  5. Kayla and Linky have the same vibe going. Also, think of me when you're in SA. Or can I just come along and bring my baby?