Friday, January 3, 2014

The Break.

 The last two weeks were twelve glorious work free days.
This year, I didn't embark on any crazy out of town adventures.
Just a lot of hanging out at home, doing the things I never get to do, or hardly have time for.
Working on a few projects, and did a little exploring in my extended backyard.
It was amazing.

I had my third annual "off the grid baking day".
Where I lock myself in my house and bake until the cows come home.
Or I run out of ingredients.
Whatever happens first.

Like these Snowballs.

And put together some treat boxes for a few friends.
Including my favorite Spumoni Cookies - several people asked for them this year. Which makes me so happy!
Enjoyed being at home.
In the daytime.
With Mylie by my side.

Checked out a new restaurant in town with some friends.
And went to Walgreens afterward. Because, Walgreens. 

 Practiced being a reindeer

Made my dad come over and help hang my Christmas present. 

Isn't it gorgeous.
I can't stop staring at it.

Watched hours of cheesy Lifetime Christmas movies with my mom.
Yes, that is Whoopi Goldberg as Santa. Including white Santa dreads.
Finally opened my Christmas gift from last year, an enamel pot and made my Grandma's award winning (really!) Beef Burgundy recipe. 
 And invited a couple friends over to try it.
Wine & cheese included.

Worked on a house project that I have been planning in my head.
It only took me 4 years to actually get started.  
 Made breakfast.
Like actually made it.
 And enjoyed whipped cream.
Probably a bit too much.
Did a little clearance shopping at Target.
I think Smiles is pretty happy about it.
 Went into the City and had a nice lunch w/ my mom at the Beach Chalet.
And caught this incredible ring around the sun.

 And took in a view of the love of my life.

Enjoyed a sky party from the comfort of my living room.
With one snoring Schnoodle by my side.

Had some friends over for tea & cookies.
And puffs.

 Good, longtime friends.

 Exchanged the exact same gift with the bestie.

 Made a lot of damn good coffee.

Adopted a sister for the day and headed to Monterey with the fam.

Where a really nice lady walked up to us and handed us free tickets to the aquarium!

Even the octopus was in a great mood and came out to show off twice!

Checked in on the sunfish. They are my favorite fish.

Brought a #notfoodpoisoning care package to a friend who was the plague's latest victim.

Ramped up for 2014.

Spread a little Baked Brie joy.

Ubered. In costume.

 Went on a boat.
(But not really).

And finally, FINALLY, ordered cable. Got a new TV. And AppleTV.
Just in time to go back to work and not have any time to sit at home and watch it.

And it was all good. Just so, so good.
Grateful that I had this chance to just hang around and be for almost two weeks.
Just what I needed.

Happy New Year, friends!


  1. You do so many great things. And were those chocolate aebleskivers you were making there? Because I have that pan, and I know no one outside of my family that knows what they are.

  2. Hi. Your break looks delicious. Staying in is good.

    We got a new tv too (thanks grandmas), just in time for D.A.'s new season Sunday!

    I've had 3 weeks off. Is it asking for too much if I want 3 more?

  3. you breaked well. i'm sorry you had to go back, but you'll always have the memories of the awesome two weeks to cope. and cable. lots of cable.

  4. Thanks for the oodles of d*mn good tea and coffee at your house! Your place looks great!

  5. So much domestic goodness!! I love your map! Are you going to pin all the places you've been all over the world! :)