Friday, December 28, 2012

The Rum Cake Redux {a dramatic tale}

So, let's set the scene.
Christmas Eve.
And report that there will be no Sprinkles cupcakes for dessert tonight.

What's a girl (with a somewhat fully stocked kitchen) to do?
Check her pinboard for something that sounds delicious, and doable.

Cue this pin & recipe:

Flour. Check.
Sugar. Check.
Butter, eggs, vanilla. Check, check, check.

 Instant Vanilla pudding, CHECK (or so I think).

 Dark Rum... Well... I have Malibu Coconut Rum handy. (because, um, I also have Diet Coke handy?)
And also Rum & Maple extract. I feel like I can make this work.

So I wisk. 
And I stir.
You know, the usual.

Things are looking good.
Batter is looking like sand, as per the recipe.

And then, I realize the pudding I had on hand was Cook & Serve, not instant.

So at this point, I have the wrong kind of rum, wrong kind of pudding, wrong kind of milk. Cold and non-room-temperature butter.
Oh and the salt isn't kosher.

But, ingredients are combined, and we are at the point of no return.

I have committed to this rum cake.

And so, we go forward. And extract our little hearts out.

I pop the bundt (what is it? it's a bundt? but what is it? its a BUNDT! - name that movie) into the oven.
(Bundt in the oven!!)

And set the timer.

And then, I think to myself, "Self, what could make this potential disaster seem slightly less disastrous?"
And it comes to me, "Butterscotch Chips!!"

So I sprinkle, and then stir them in. And close the oven once again.

And then I wait.

And the bundt cooked.
And I flipped it.
And let it settle.
And pulled the silicone pan away.
And about half the cake "crust" with it.

Which, on the upside, meant I got to scrape away some delicious sample remnants from the pan.
And also I noticed I was supposed to already be making the rum syrup.
So I got to it. With appropriate substitutions.
And with the crust debacle, didn't really need to poke holes in the cake, as it was rather holey already.
So I poured, and soon, we had a not-so-pretty, but oh-so-tasty Homemade Rum Cake.

Full credit for the awesome recipe from the Brown Eyed Baker found here.
My additions and changes are as noted above.  And clearly, results may vary.
(I used 1 tbsp rum extract, 1 tsp maple, & 1/2 tsp almond, and just handful of butterscotch chips in the batter, and another tbsp rum & 1 tsp maple in the syrup. which i did not follow the instructions on how to make either)


  1. Wonderful goodness!

  2. this always happens to me when i try to bake any type of bundt cake and i follow the directions to a t. grr.
    obviously i know the movie but i won't spoil it. ;)
    i hope you had a wonderful CHRISTmas kim.

  3. I love this!! Girrrl, that is my FAVE movie! "It's a cake, I know!" I quote it almost daily. "Put a little Windex on it." Oh, and, "Why she want to leave me?"

  4. oh, i do this. all the time. except my attempts usually end in diaster--- looking and tasting ;) no idea what the movie is? hmmm....

  5. a movie quote?? i'm so proud!
    and of course, my big fat greek wedding is the answer ;)

    i'm not sure you have enough extracts.
    please use more next time.

    also, you are a beast.

  6. This is lovely - and sounds so much like my kitchen! Especially throwing in the butterscotch chips - they really do make everything better [especially oatmeal cookies].