Monday, December 31, 2012

The Christmassy Stuff

I love Christmas.
Always have, always will.

I think I love the season that lives up to Christmas, more than the day itself.
But this year was wonderful.

My family's tradition the last few years has been to celebrate Christmas, have a nice dinner, and open gifts on Christmas Eve.  It's my absolute favorite.

There isn't too much to tell, it's your standard eat, presents, try to stop dogs from opening presents that aren't theirs, eat more type Christmas.

Mom is thrilled with her Renaissance Art books, and Uffizi Gallery Books. 
Even the teeny tiny one. 

I think the one who was most excited about presents was Mylie.
Her presents didn't get placed under the tree until that day.
And it was torture for her to not jump in the pile and grab hers.

 And she sniffed it out.
And went to town.

She also went to town on gifts not hers.
But I think she can read.
M is for Matt.
M is also for Mylie.
She was so close.

 Mylie is extremely concerned when it comes to my dad opening gifts. 
She is worried that whatever he unwraps might be a conflict of interest for her.
Any new toy that occupies him is a threat to her. 
We've got bad news for Mylie, my mom got him a new Computer.
And somebody got her traditional present, a new collar! 
Something cute, but not bright pink - as per my dad's request - since he is the one who is out in public with her the most. 
This year she got a snow leopard collar. 
I'm pretty sure she looks as fierce as a schnoodle can get.

And then, we all went home, and to bed, with visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads.
Or something like that.
And in the morning, headed over to Grandma's.
I caught a few glimpses of the calm before the storm.
Because, things get CRAZY at Grandma's.

The Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins arrive.
And traditions began.
When it comes to Christmas at Grandma's, we do not break any traditions.
Specifically, order of events.
If we do, the world might spin off its axis.

Gifts were passed by the Aunts and Uncles.
My sister got a bottle of Champagne.
Which the rest of us voted should be used for Mimosas.
This never happens.
But Laura held on to her Domaine Carneros very tightly.
And we all let out a collective boo.
Next thing I knew, one of my uncles was handing me a bottle of my own, in a suspiciously familiar gift bag.
I gave my cousin Rob the signal and he took the lead in cracking that sucker open.
And raiding grandma's china cabinet.

And for a moment, all six of us were laughing, getting along, and enjoying being together.
A true Christmas Miracle right there.

And a moment after this, it was revealed to me that the champagne wasn't exactly a gift.
More like a regift.
From my grandma's wine rack.
Without telling her.
But, let's just say, it was worth it, and definitely a good reason to steal and celebrate.

And then we were hollered at because we interrupted the order of events, and had to return to gift time.
Which, if you know anything about our Christmases at Grandma's,
only meant the laughing continued.

Every year, Grandma gives one of the men a blue purse.
It's a family joke that goes back 2+ decades.
It's a tired one. But we still get a laugh.
Sadly, Janel's blue denim Bongo purse was not a joke.

Leopard print was in abundance this year.

 And a box of mini decorative shoes.
And other goodies.

But by far, far, far, far, was this neon zebra outfit.
I think it stopped the whole Christmas show.
Until there was a sleeveless sweatshirt unwrapped.
And my cousin Jeff put it on.
We already tease him for looking like Eminem.
This gift, done deal.

And I actually got the one thing I really wanted.
My grandma's super awesome navajo print umbrella.
She can give me all the animal print in the world - as long as I got this umbrella.
I was so happy.

And after the dust, and wrapping paper had settled, and most everyone headed off to their next event, I sat quietly in my chair while my grandma closed us out with a few songs.
My favorite part is in the second song, she just turns on her singing Snowman and walks away.
I think that might be the equivalent of a Grandma-Mic-Drop.

All in all, a great day with my Grandma, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Sister, Brother-in-law, and Parents.
We had a good time.
And a very Merry Christmas.

I hope you did too!!!


  1. awesome post.
    awesome fam.
    awesome, awesome year.
    thanks for being my friend, kcuppa.
    you are one cool chick.

  2. kim. hi. these gifts are AMAZING.
    also did your dad get a macbook air?!

  3. your family ROCKS!

    i busted up at the sleeveless sweatshirt. busted up! beats the hotdog toasters all the jones men received a couple years ago from gram jones. that's hard to beat.

    i love how you love your family.

    your grandma playing carols- too cute.

  4. your family is a riot! and that umbrella is quite fantastic.