Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Something Blue: A Bridal Shower

My dear friend Ellen is getting married in just a few weeks! We have been friends since our days in the church nursery! The past few weeks have been full of celebrating her and her fiance, Joel! It has been such an exciting and fun time.  Ellen asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, and what an honor it is! 

My favorite bridesmaid duty is absolutely throwing bridal showers. I love to throw a good party, especially for someone I love. The other fun part is being a bridesmaid with another one of your closest friends! I was lucky enough to get to co-host this shower with Ellen's Maid-of-Honor, and her sister, Cindy!

Together, we tag-teamed the planning and executing of a dreamy blue & yellow vision. 

Speaking of vision, the bride herself was glowing all day. 
She makes one beautiful, blushing bride! 
If she looks this gorgeous on her shower day, I can't even imagine how beautiful she will look on her wedding day! Joel, you are one lucky dude. Remember that.

We also had a mimosa bar. 
I firmly believe every shower should have a mimosa bar. 

There is no shortage of cooks and bakers among Ellen's friends and family. 
Each guest was sent a recipe card in their invitation, and were asked to bring it to the shower.
They were all put in this awesome recipe box Cindy gifted to Ellen.
She will be starting off her marriage with quite the collection. 

Ellen is so loved among her friends and family. It was the joy of these ladies to gather round and celebrate her! She also is very loved by some furry friends as well. 

Cindy made the most beautiful ombre layer cake. 
Girl had SKILLS. 
And, even better, it tasted as good as it looked!

All the lovely guests were sent home with something a little sweet, a little sour, 
to remember Ellen's bridal shower!
(Also handmade by Cindy!)

Tassel Garland: Here
Custom Cake Topper & LOVE Banner: Here
Invitations & Recipe Cards: Here
Paper Straws: Here
Paper Fans: Here
Lemon Scrub Recipe: Here
Ombre Cake Recipe: Here, Here & Here


  1. I love throwing showers too! My favorite part is the decorations and you girls outdid yourselves here!!! AHHHMAZING!!!!! I love all the details you put into her day and I hope she remembers how amazing it was for years to come. I love that recipe card idea too!!!

  2. What a gorgeous shower! Yellow is my favorite color, so I do have to say that the color scheme was brilliant. :)

  3. How did I miss this! :)
    What a fun recap of such a fun day.
    I loved and cherish every moment.
    I'm so lucky to have such wonderful friends in my life.
    God is so good!
    PS. Kinda sad I didn't get the recipe for that cake! I wish I had a slice now. :)
    Thanks again Cuppa for such a beautiful shower!!

  4. Every party SHOULD have a mimosa bar.
    Reason 1,974 we are supposed to be BFF's.