Monday, August 11, 2014

10 on 10: Sunday Funday Edition

The weekends lately have been full. So full. All good things, all good things.

Sunday naps are a thing of the past, mostly because there is so much good stuff to do right now.

Soon, several friends will move, and there will be more time.

But for now, Sundays are really, really good.

As usual, procrastinating and waking up early to print church bulletins. And munch on a macaron.

And then printing bulletins. My tiny apartment has unusual storage. No linen closets, or hall closets, no pantry or any other small storage. Just two giant walk ins. One is converted into an office, and with no enclosed garage or anything else, I use it as my storage area for everything else. Saturday was spent cleaning and purging all the clutter that has collected there. 14 bags of junk - who knew I even had space for 14 bags of junk in 777 square feet, but I did. And this is the final, organized product. It should be noted, I have an entire container dedicated to theme parties.

Running powerpoint. This is my favorite song right now. Reminds me of Sunday school as a kid. 

A little shopping and who do we find but Ashley doing her #mugswap14 shopping :)
Her creepy husband in the back was excited to be there too.

Tea time. It's exciting, I tell ya.

My sister insisted on a sweet treat in our future.  Not a problem.

And then I went chair shopping, and got the steal of the century. $179 marked as $89, rang up as $39. I think that is over 75% off or something.

I guess one of us got a Sunday nap.

Move over caprese, this is my current obsession. Trader Joe's brioche toasts, brie, & jam (this one is Strawberry/Ollalieberry)

Another Sunday Funday in the books.

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  1. SO GOOD!!!!
    all of it!

    except the friends leaving part

  2. You wait until Sunday morning to print the church bulletins?! That stresses me out! Lol :)

    WHERE did you find that chair???

  3. $39!!! Score! And your closets... uhhh, major score! Friends leaving... total opposite of score. :(