Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekendlies: Super Cute Edition.

Just 9 highlights from the latest was full of a lot of cuteness.

1. Someone has a LOT to be thankful for. Mostly the giant box of toys she has spread around the living room.
2. A foggy fall morning walk along the bay. It's good for the paws. And the soul.
3. Running into Aunt Laura is a treat for both of us.
4. The fog has cleared and my mom and I went on a stroll.
5. To see the cutest little monkey & his mama.
6. The Second Saturday of every month we go to McDonalds & the Dollar Tree. Any variation would cause a riot.
7. Just a big pile of curls watching Horseland.
8. Our prayers for a 49er victory were answered.
9. We both agree, Sunday naps on the new bedding are divine.


  1. That is truly a lot of super cute for one weekend.

  2. You're quite right. Cuteness abounded for you this weekend. :-)

  3. such a good weekend.
    sad we won't get to spend one together for a while :(
    praise God for blogs so i can catch up on your life