Friday, October 18, 2013

A Few things on Friday.

Sup, Friday. Where have you been all my life?

Just a few things on my mind, ready?

1. Have you seen the new Civil Wars Dust to Dust video? No they aren't back together - this footage is from last year when they were in Europe - pre-break up. Can you sense the tension like I can? So good. (Post break-up/hiatus interview here.)
It also makes me want to go to Paris.

2. These are two HILARIOUS dog videos I cannot get enough of.

3. My Friend Katy blogged some mom texts. I'm a fan of all things mom texts. As you probably already know.
4. Speaking of Mom Texts, my friend Tegan knew I was such a fan, she sent me this hilarious video:

5. Things I am currently obsessed with: Kanye and his strange behavior, Catfish the TV Show, Homeland, New Girl, and the Mindy Project.

6. A trip to Ikea last weekend garnered me some new sheets, and two wall mounted lamps.  I may go straight home from work everyday and turn them on as soon as I walk in. I love them. And I no longer am knocking the lamp off my nightstand while I thrash sleep every night. Aren't they amazing? All I need are those dohickeys that nail cords to the wall so they don't look all snaggly.

7. I'm cooking Thanksgiving Dinner this year. Start to finish. You know, like with a turkey. With my dad. It's time to learn how he makes his crazy delicious stuffing so I can recreate it for years to come (and hopefully share the recipe). I observed him making it last year there was a lot of butter involved. It's gonna be great.

8. Happy Friday, fools. May you all have a happy weekend full of weekendly weekending to your heart's delight!


  1. I love Catfish! Nev and Max are the best!!!! :)

  2. this has been the most random post I've read today and I've loved every part of it. now I'm in the mood for some Civil Wars...I think I'll go light a candle and listen while I grade papers. See how awesome I am on a Friday night?!?

  3. Hey hey! My name in lights. :) Now please post some more texts from Cuppa Mom. Happy weekend, friend!

  4. paris sounds awesome! maybe i'll go.
    catfish? i can't deal.
    midny>new girl this days

  5. Love the room renovations :). Looks great! If the civil wars would just get back together I would sleep better at night. It seriously stresses me out that I may never see them live again.
    Also what is Kayne's strange behavior? Help a african sister out!

  6. Love me some catfish!! So entertaining!!

  7. I've helped Michael cook Thanksgiving dinner, but there is NO WAY I could do it on my own. No way. The bird intimidates me. And the clean up. Do you also get to carve the turkey? Make sure you watch Theo learn how to carve the bird on the Cosby Show before you do. :)

  8. your bedroom is adorable!!! xo LKC of

  9. Love the lamps! Your home seems magical. :)