Monday, August 26, 2013

My Tribe

  1. 1.
    a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect, typically having a recognized leader.
    "indigenous Indian tribes"
    synonyms:ethnic group, peoplebandnationMore

We all have tribes. Some are our churches, our families, our organizations, our social circles. 
This collection of elephants is sort of what my tribe looks like. 
A colorful collection of pachyderms, collected from around the world.

 Sri Lanka
 South Africa

Each little, or not so little, elephant was a gift from someone in my tribe who has gone somewhere on this big earth to love God's people and share the good news of His gospel as they serve Him and them.

When I look up at this display of God's grace and mercy in palm sized tokens of wood, stone, and fabric, I'm reminded of His goodness. His love for His people. His love for me. 
He has blessed me by placing me in a tribe of people who eagerly seek Him. 

On those days when its harder to praise Him, obey Him, and be joyful, I look at these silly trinkets and am reminded of those who have done hard things, with joy in their hearts, because of Christ.  And I thank God for them. 
I'm reminded of how God uses His people to serve more of His people. 
And a lot of times its the people who are there to do the "loving and serving" who are the ones beings loved and served.

On Friday the Lord sent out one of my tribe. Five of those elephants are from her. She is absolutely the elephant VIP. And on Friday, Betsy left the comforts of North America, of wide open spaces, and dry land to serve on the Africa Mercy with Mercy Ships in the Democratic Republic of Congo. For six months she will live in the tiniest of quarters on a ship docked in Africa.

Betsy obediently studied hard through the years, got into an excellent nursing program, graduated, passed her boards, and worked diligently on a surgical floor of a hospital for several years to obtain experience.  Meanwhile, serving around the world in a medical capacity on her breaks and vacations. She has travelled to Africa, Asia, and Central America The story of how the Lord mapped this out for her is incredible. It puts Him and His plan on display. 

Betsy, I love you and am so proud of you. You encourage me more than you know. I love seeing your heart for people and the way you challenge me to be more than words, but to be action. Not to just love mercy and walk humbly, but to DO justly.  Thank you for being a doer, for Christ. 
Go, and love well, serve well.

Feel free to follow along with Betsy in Africa at


  1. Oh, this is just perfect. I love how you delight in your tribe. i love how you bless them and betsy here (and i'm certain in many other ways).

    I join you in prayer for betsy- praying that our good God will magnify His love, provision, wisdom, and peace on her during this adventure in Africa. I pray for Him to be glorified to her and through her (I know he will be), in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

    And we currently have tribe members serving in Africa, Australia, and Croatia. We know that in our small (yet big) way, we go with them through support and prayer!

  2. Love those little guys. Love this post, too. Well written.

  3. Your tribe is awesome. Saying prayers for a safe and successful trip for Betsy.

  4. Love. Those are some cute little guys too. I love what they remind you of and I'll be praying for Betsy too.

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