Saturday, August 10, 2013

10 on 10: Second Saturday Edition

Up early and heading out.

Worked on some Mug Swap stuff, and cranked out a few blog posts. 

I love the mid day light in my kitchen. I wish I was here to enjoy it more.

Off to my parents for some fluffy time.

One fluffy was extremely stinky. Into the sink she went.

My sister has been driving her same car since high school. She patiently waited until it was the right time, and finally got a sweet new ride. She took me for a spin!

The second Saturday of each month is Hope's Marrieds' group. I take these two out for the night.
We do the same thing every month.

Dollar Store.

(This time we picnicked. )

Play with Mylie.
(Or tempt her with s'mores.)

And usually some form of dog show when it gets cold outside, until we get the all clear text to bring them home.
This time, dog show was more like little sister show.
She was very obedient.

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  1. i now have a very serious case of FOMO.
    i love mylie in all of this.
    YAYYAY laura!!! can't wait for a spin!

  2. these are awesome! SO looking forward to the mug swap too thank you for organizing and dreaming that up I can't wait! xo

  3. LOVE. Thank you for taking care of my puppies.

  4. Dollar Store and McDonalds? You WIN for best babysitter ever.

  5. so happy for your sister.
    she should get a blog?
    i wish i was there for the dog performance.
    i would have hopped on up & done my own.
    hey hey hey.

  6. too good.
    also, will you babysit me?

  7. I feel the same way about the light in my kitchen. It is so bright and happy during the day. Which I rarely see.

  8. Lol: the dogs from behind. Looks like your day was full of smiles and laughter. Thanks for sharing--I enjoy viewing others' ten-on-ten sets.