Monday, July 21, 2014

The Weekendlies: Summertime & the Livin's easy....

I feel like being abroad for the 4th of July made me feel like I missed the kick off of summer.
Here in the Bay Area, our summer weather starts and ends later. 4th of July is the start, and it rolls through an Indian Summer. Now that I'm back, summer is in full effect. This weekend felt like a very, very short summer break.

1. Working on THE. MUG. SWAP. (just a few days until registration opens!)
2. Tom's Warehouse Sale. Best life choice ever.
3. The haul. 11 pairs of shoes and 4 pairs of sunglassses. (Not all mine). 
4. Sparkleritas in the shade, poolside.
5. A 5 minute summer shower. This never happens.
6. Post rain sunset.
7. There's a new kid running the old neighborhood lemonade stand. Made with local lemons. Mylie approves.
8. Warm summer nights = doors wide open. And reflecting sunsets.
9. Another gorgeous sky party to end the weekend. 


  1. I'm SO excited for the mug swap!!!! :)

  2. i love this all.
    also, your new button for the swap is hella awesome

  3. Where is the Toms warehouse? I would definitely make a drive to the City for a good deal on some Toms!