Thursday, May 15, 2014

Care for the 23

Hello Friends!
In honor of the upcoming Memorial Day Holiday, 
I have a special military themed guest post here today, from my sister-in-law-in-law, Heather.
(This means, her brother is married to my sister).
She's doing something awesome, and I'm gonna just let her explain it all to you...
Take it away, Heather!

Hello friends of CuppaKim!
Heather here.  Somehow related to CuppaKim, but no one is quite sure if Sister In-law-In-law is a legitimate designation.

And this is my husband Dave!

Here’s a better picture of him:

Dave, (the CuppaKim Family may or may not call him LoveyLips), is in the Army and is currently serving in Kabul, Afghanistan with 22 other men and women.

This is 21 out of the 23, just before they left.  Dave’s the one hiding from the sun on the far right.

These 23 soldiers are in a finance unit, and so most of them work in an office where they help other soldiers and locals get money when they need it and some travel through Afghanistan on missions, delivering money to soldiers and staff on other bases.  A pretty interesting job!

Heading out on a mission!

When they’re out on missions they get to see some really unique things, like this beautiful street art, and this man selling…hawks!

Life as a deployed soldier is pretty difficult, because they’re away from their families, their beds, their pets, their normal clothing…but it has its perks, like the occasional lobster and steak night!

Now I know you are proactive people, what with your yearly mug swap and your support of the people in Sudan, and I will once again call upon that proactive nature!  

I've put together a website in order to serve all the soldiers in this unit.  It is my desire that we would show them that they are loved and missed by sending them care packages and praying for them!

Visit to see how you brighten a soldier’s day by sending, giving, and praying!

Thank you all for having me!  
Feel free to follow our crazy deployment journey on Instagram @instaolson

Kim again!
Heather, Dave, and the rest of the 23 would LOVE your support! Care for the 23 is an awesome project that involves sending happy mail and love across the globe to those serving in the armed forces.
We'd love it if you headed over there and bless some of them!

Heather, thanks for sharing. And please sign me up for any single, hunky, 30-something, over 5'8" tall dudes you have on your list.
(Not that I'm being picky).

God Bless the US!

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  1. kim! so brill to have heather guest post!
    heather! thanks for the info; can't wait to start giving.
    while i don't like to discriminate, these kinda vets are my fave.