Thursday, April 10, 2014

10 on 10: April 2014

So, I missed March. I'm a little bummed that I did, but it was a boring day and I forgot to take pics after 10 am.

So here we are in April. A regular day, full of happy moments. 

What? You don't have a disco ball next to your bibles? 

Actually made my bed for the third day in a row. It needed to be documented. 

Getting ready.


Lucky lady.

Cheesy puffs are his love language.Pretty sure he's using me as his dealer.

Afternoon fuel. 

Dinner of feelings, with friends, who also have feelings. 

This girl chooses her PJ's for me, whether she wants to antagonize me with cat jammies or impress me with dog jammies. Tonight she compromised, dog top, cat bottoms. She's a clever little critter.

Watercolor skies. 

Linking up with my sweet friend Rebekah!!!
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  1. The only thing that could have made this day better would have been a cone.

  2. I smiled the biggest smile seeing the disco balls among the bibles! That pretty much sums you up :)

  3. bibles and disco balls seem like a match made in heaven ;)
    is that very berry hibiscus? it's my new fav.
    feelings with friends are good...'speciallly if in-n-out is involved.

  4. Thank you for listening to so many feelings. And the burger. You are a good friend. Next time you come to visit I will have my kids dress better.

  5. Hilarious... I had pretty much the same exact thoughts as Denise, only it's my husband who drinks the tea! :)