Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday: A Third Attempt

I keep saying I'm not going to do this again.
But here I am doing it for a 3rd time.
Once a month is a good pace.
But seriously, how dorky is my posing?
I said I'd practice my fierceness, but I did not live up to that promise.
Sorry, fans.
Oh well.

Be sure to check out my earrings on FRIDAY's outfit - they are my new fav's, and handmade by my lovely friend Jamie. Check out her NEW, adorable Etsy Store, Let's Button Up. They girl has some stinking cute stuff.

I don't have the patience to describe each outfit, so I'm just gonna roll with the pics. 
After all, they are worth a thousand words...right?


 Easter Sunday:
Props to Marge for putting together my Easter Sunday ensemble.
Also, I promised her and Betsy I'd give a "What Betsy & Marge Wore Easter Sunday" shoutout:
These girls are too cute. <3



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  1. cute. always. and boots and marge look really excited to participate.

  2. its all real cute, minus the Lester the Molester on Easter in the brown boots. she's real weird...

  3. thanks for the shoutout! I love your bold accessories -- makes me want to try more fun stuff instead of being scared of "statement" jewelry :)

  4. I love your selection of earrings and necklaces. They are so funky and unique. Love them!

  5. you are so cute!

    you are outfits are great.

    you are not afraid of color and mixing it up. i need to work on that.

    and yes, posing is so awkward.

  6. i don't get it. these poses are awesome.
    yeah, what katie said. great jewelry. LOVE!

  7. Great outfits and great documentation through photos! You have some great accessories too! What's wrong with your pose? I think you look fabulous!

  8. Lookin good girl! Are you using your timer? I have yet to do one of these because the pics are seriously ridiculous! lol

  9. Love the outfits, they are way too cute!