Friday, February 18, 2011

1989 Called...It Wants It's Bread Machine Back

...or maybe that was my parents.

A couple months ago I jacked my parents' time machine bread machine from the dusty depths of their kitchen. I don't think it's seen the light of day for almost a decade.

I remember when they first got the machine, it was a really big deal. But as a kid, a bread machine is pretty dull. You throw everything in. And then have to wait at LEAST FOUR HOURS until you get to eat anything it makes. And sometimes, you do things on the "extended" thirteen hour cycle. Torture.

Today I came down with some kind of variation of the plague. Recovery requires a lot of doing nothing. My dad sent me home with some Minestrone soup - so I'm good there. But I needed something to go with it. Something breadlike.

You know, like bread.

So, I plugged in the top of the line in 80's breadmaking technology, the Hitachi Home Bakery II, and let IT do the work.

I use the recipe on the machine. The ingredients are simple enough - and they are easy to keep them all on hand.

Bread Flour (I used whole wheat)

That's it. I put everything in the machine in that order. Liquid on bottom. Dry in the middle. Yeast on top. I read somewhere that the longer until it has contact with the liquid, the better. Maybe that isn't true. But it works.

And then I hit start.

And walked away. And sat on my couch nursing my plague-like symptoms for the next four hours.

I enjoyed a fire. While it rained outside. And a little bit inside too (but that's a different story, for a different day).

And my Schnoodle was extremely concerned about this unfamiliar rumbling machine. She made sure it was safe.

And after the four hours was up - I enjoyed a slice of fresh bread. With butter. And leftover Cherry Preserves from my Cherry Lovie Cakes. And then maybe another slice. ;)


  1. it's called funniest title EVER. that machine is SOOOO @twitter. not even funny. hope you're feeling better!

  2. yes - SO @twitter. She gets super excited about things and never uses them. :) I don't think she even made a single loaf with it. It was all @MrTwitter